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ACECC Technical Committees

*: Corresponding TC activities were completed
TC1* Asian and Pacific Coastal Network (JSCE)
TC2* Integrated River Management (JSCE)
TC3* Inter-regional Cooperation for Great Mekong Sub-region (JSCE)
TC4* The Sumatra Offshore Earthquake and the Indian Ocean Tsunami (JSCE
TC5* The Sustainable Development of Civil Engineering (CICHE)
TC6* Quantitative Risk Assessment for Hazard Mitigation (ASCE)
TC7* Disaster Mitigation and Preparedness Strategies (PICE)
TC8* Harmonization of Design Codes in the Asian Region (JSCE)
TC9* Infrastructure Report Card(KSCE)
TC10* Life-Cycle Consideration in Civil Engineering(ASCE)
TC11* Code of Practice for the Use of Stabilizing Agents in Flexible Pavement (EA)
TC12* Railway Technology Renewal and Expansion in Asian region (JSCE & CICHE)
TC14 Sustainable Infrastructure (ASCE)
TC15* River Environment (JSCE & KSCE)
TC16* ITS-based Solutions for Urban Traffic Problems in Asia Pacific Countries (JSCE & KSCE)
TC17 Ethical Practices to Reduce Corruption (ASCE & PICE)
TC18 Adotion of Standard Operating Procedures for Design, Construction and Maintenance of Long-Span Bridges (HAKI & KSCE)
TC19* Promotion of the Asian Concrete Model Code in the Asian Region(KSCE
TC20* Renewable Energy for Sustainable Development in Asia and Pacific Countries(KSCE)
TC21 Transdisciplinary Approach for Building Societal Resilience to Disasters (JSCE)
TC22 Retrofitting and Strengthening of Existing Infrastructures (IEP & IEB)
TC23 Applications of Geosynthetics for various civil engineering disciplines (CICHE)
TC24 Gender and Development in Infrastructure (PICE)
TC25 The guidance of civil infrastructure practioners in the design and construction of stabilised pavements in the Asia-Pacific Region (EA)
TC26 Climate Change, Water Resources, and Sustainable Development in the Asian Region (ASCE)
TC27 Interdisciplinary Strategic Foresight for Infrastructure (PICE)
TC28 Application of Monitoring Technology for Infrastructure Maintenance (JSCE)
TC29 Network Construction and Joint Utilization of Large Experimental Facilities (KSCE)
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